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Can you challenge yourself into becoming a professional belly dancer (Venice)? All these and many other questions will be covered further in this article. Also this article provides you with the information about one of the best belly dance instructors (Venice) existing. We will prove you that Daliya is one of the best belly dance instructors (Venice) and then while watching her live belly dance performance (Venice) and taking part in it you will have no doubts that we were absolutely right. Go ahead and keep reading this article right now.

To become a Belly dancer (Venice) one needs to work hard and to be totally in the moment in the process of dancing. Belly dance (Venice) is a very popular activity worldwide. The reason for that is simple: it is one of the most feminine and plastic dances of all existing.  The belly dance performance (Venice) will hold your breath for the entire activity no matter if you are a man or a woman.


We are proud to announce you one of the most requested and much-spoken belly dancers (Venice) of the world. Daliya is a professional dancer with years of experience and hundreds of successful students. Those who watched her live performance or at least had an opportunity to watch it online become fans of her talent forever.


It is not a secret that the belly dancers (Venice) are valuable artists whom viewers treat with all respect. They gather hundreds or sometimes even thousands of fans in every country. The belly dance performance (Venice) is a highly expected occasion everyone is waiting for.

Should I go in for belly dance? Some people ask themselves this strange question. We call it strange because how can you doubt that this kind of activity will give you plenty of benefits other activities will never present you. To be a belly dancer (Venice) or not to be is out of the question. You need to make a decision about one thing only. Do you want to do belly dance (Venice) for your satisfaction only or to should you master the higher level and finally become a famous belly dance instructor (Venice)? Well, it depends on your ambitions and aims. Let’s think for a while what benefits the belly dance (Venice) provides to its participants.

  1. There is a type of women who desire to join the belly dance (Venice) to be in a good shape. If you belong to this group then you have to look at first at the belly dance instructor (Venice). And here is why. If the belly dance instructor (Venice) you wish to go to is looking amazing and has a gorgeous body then chances are she will be able to teach you this art and to help you to achieve the same results. If she is not then how can she teach you the things she is not competent in? Having even a glance at Daliya all the questions disappear immediately. It is hard to find such a beautiful woman even among the belly dance instructors (Venice).
  2. The other type of women is crazy about succeeding in the art of seducing of men. This is absolutely normal female desire to be desired by men and you can make men around you gaze at you with amazement. The belly dance performance (Venice) is an excellent method to fulfill this natural desire. It is in your power to become popular among men; now you can easily make them feel incredibly attracted to you.
  3. The third type is the women who want to master their body movements while dancing. It is pleasant to feel relaxed and highly passionate and it can be taught by a professional belly dance instructor (Venice) like Daliya only.
  4. On average Belly dancers (Venice) have a pretty good health. They do not have to go to the gyms and do the hard and boring workouts most of the women do all around the world. Do not miss a possibility to become a fit and thin girl. Now you can build you outstanding body, make yourself much healthier, and finally let the excitement enter your life.
  5. Some people are very outgoing and social. If you belong to this group then the belly dance (Venice) is your chance to become even more sociable and to meet new friends. And it is not all. Also you have an opportunity to join the classes with your old friends and to spend some extra hours together every single week.
  6. Another reason to join Daliya’s classes is the opportunity to build the discipline. Mostly people are lazy and they want to get everything without doing anything. To receive something one should spend time, money, and efforts. You need to understand what your goal is, then divide it into small pieces and finally do one small piece at the time. One of the biggest problems of almost everybody is that we either do not set our goals at all or to set the huge and therefore impossible one. Develop your persistence every day; do at least one small thing regularly and you will succeed. Daliya will lead you to success slowly and gradually because there is nowhere to hurry.
  7. Improve your artistic taste. Looking at the moves of the belly dancers (Venice), at their costumes, shapes of their bodies and make up people cannot be indifferent to the belly dance performance (Venice).
  8. Quit struggling with the fear of public performance. The only thing to learn how to dance is to start dancing. Make your skills better and fight your primary and the strongest fear of acting on public while dancing in our groups.
  9. Have fun. It is so wonderful to enjoy the dancing and to leave your worries behind. It is so great to observe yourself growing and becoming more and more competent and confident. Change your life with Daliya easily.

You may have all of the above mentioned aims or just some of them. It does not really matter what is your ultimate goal. What’s really important is to find a motivation for yourself and to keep going, keep developing and enjoying what you are doing. Now let’s understand how to find a good belly dance instructor (Venice).


Let us name the criteria you need to take into consideration while choosing a good belly dance instructor (Venice):

  • She has to be a competent belly dancer (Venice) who won many international prizes.
  • She has to be in the belly dance (Venice) business for at least five years and have plenty of successful students.
  • She has to be able to arrange an outstanding, breath-taking belly dance performance (Venice);
  • She must have that indescribable spirit and talent one can recognize when watches her dancing because being a belly dance instructor (Venice) is much more than occupation. It is a vocation the vast minority of people has.
  • The quantity and the quality of the students is a crucial factor when you are trying to choose the teacher.
  • The price/quality ration is also one of the biggest things one needs to think about. We all want to get the best results spending the least possible amount of money and time.
  • Individual approach to every student. People differ a lot at their mentality, body constitution, physical abilities, health conditions, age and many other components. The difference between the genius belly dance instructor (Venice) and the regular one is in paying respect to these unique features of a personality.
  • Friendly atmosphere is a huge issue which will allow you to progress quickly and easily. When you know that somewhere in the world people treat you with respect and love you will certainly never miss even a single class.
  • Comfortable conditions such as the right climate, convenient dressing-rooms, showers and snack-bars are very important for your body to function well.
  • Flexible hours. In our busy society we need to plan our day perfectly to be in time everywhere we want. Choose only those classes which will allow you to fit them into your daily schedule.

Daliya is the right person to fit to all these criteria. It is very hard to name all her awards because it will take hours and so many pages that you will have to listen to it for quite a long period of time. That list consists of a great deal of international and local prizes. Daliya is a 7-time winner of international competitions; she became a belly dance champion of Russia in 2009. She has been working for years in this industry and has raised plenty of amazing belly dancers and belly dance instructors. If you watch at least one minute of her performance or performance of her students all the questions about why you should choose her classes will disappear at once. The reasonable price and the immense outcome makes Daliya’s course one of the best belly dance classes in the world. Being a belly dance star does not influence in a negative way at our belly dance instructor (Venice) at all. She will treat you with all respect and find those inspiration words which will open your talent and help your potential to break out. Our lessons take place in a cozy and spacious place, you will be provided with all the necessary conveniences to grow. The atmosphere of mutual sympathy and help will make you feel valuable and appreciated.


One of the most popular questions we have been asked by women is whether it is possible for them to learn belly dance living in Venice or should they go abroad to master it?” Sure that the answer is: “Yes you can become a fascinating belly dancer (Venice) and you don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Belly dance performance (Venice) does not depend on your nationality and it is not the prerogative of women who represent the Eastern culture. You can find a wonderful teacher at any country in the world.

Venice is the cradle of the entire European civilization as we know from history. It has always been the cultural center of Europe for many centuries especially at the ancient time. The traditions of Venice are authentic. We all know that originally belly dance (Venice) is not a European art. But Italian women are able to assimilate any kind of knowledge and skills. Their passion for beauty is strong; they will manage to do whatever they want to. It looks like belly dance performance (Venice) is exactly what they were born for. Do not hesitate anymore about where to find a belly dancer (Venice) who can do the belly dance performance (Venice). Choose Dalia’s classes and you will never be disappointed.

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