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Belly dance (Turkey) becomes more and more popular nowadays. And it is not a coincidence because this dance is one of the most passionate activities one can take part in. Plenty of women dream about attending the courses. There are many reasons why they want to become belly dancers (Turkey). This wonderful profession is well-paid; it is extremely interesting and pleasant; people admire the belly dancers (Turkey) a lot. But you also have got to understand that to succeed in this job a woman has to spend much time and to work pretty hard during the entire course and go on even when it is finished. You have to work constantly and consistently at your skills if you want to do the belly dance performance (Turkey). The performance is holding the spectators’ attention for the whole action.


We are very happy to inform you that Turkey has an opportunity to meet one of the best and famous belly dancers (Turkey) of the world. If you are into the belly dance (Turkey) then you have heard for sure about Daliya, the professional dancer with many years of dancing and teaching experience. She has brought up hundreds of successful students all over the world. She is travelling the world and now Turkey will have a chance to watch her live performances and not just to do this on Internet. And not only watch but also, what is even more important, to take part into the classes Daliya is providing.


As we all know the belly dancers (Turkey) are famous artists who are treated well in every country they happen to go to; they do the belly dance performance (Turkey) and hundreds or even thousands of fans attend it.

Deciding for yourself whether to go in for belly dance (Turkey) is out of the question. The only thing you need to consider is whether to do belly dance (Turkey) for your pleasure only or to try to master the professional level and finally to become belly dance instructor (Turkey) some day? It all depends on what do you want and what your capabilities are.

  1. There is a type of women who desire to join the belly dance (Turkey) to be in a good shape. If you belong to this group then you have to look at first at the belly dance instructor (Turkey). And here is why. If the belly dance instructor (Turkey) you wish to go to is looking amazing and has a gorgeous body then chances are she will be able to teach you this art and to help you to achieve the same results. If she is not then how can she teach you the things she is not competent in? Having even a glance at Daliya all the questions disappear immediately. It is hard to find such a beautiful woman even among the belly dance instructors (Turkey).
  2. The other type of women is crazy about succeeding in the art of seducing of men. This is absolutely normal female desire to be desired by men and you can make men around you gaze at you with amazement. The belly dance performance (Turkey) is an excellent method to fulfill this natural desire. It is in your power to become popular among men; now you can easily make them feel incredibly attracted to you.
  3. The third type is the women who want to master their body movements while dancing. It is pleasant to feel relaxed and highly passionate and it can be taught by a professional belly dance instructor (Turkey) like Daliya only.
  4. On average Belly dancers (Turkey) have a pretty good health. They do not have to go to the gyms and do the hard and boring workouts most of the women do all around the world. Do not miss a possibility to become a fit and thin girl. Now you can build you outstanding body, make yourself much healthier, and finally let the excitement enter your life.
  5. Some people are very outgoing and social. If you belong to this group then the belly dance (Turkey) is your chance to become even more sociable and to meet new friends. And it is not all. Also you have an opportunity to join the classes with your old friends and to spend some extra hours together every single week.
  6. Another reason to join Daliya’s classes is the opportunity to build the discipline. Mostly people are lazy and they want to get everything without doing anything. To receive something one should spend time, money, and efforts. You need to understand what your goal is, then divide it into small pieces and finally do one small piece at the time. One of the biggest problems of almost everybody is that we either do not set our goals at all or to set the huge and therefore impossible one. Develop your persistence every day; do at least one small thing regularly and you will succeed. Daliya will lead you to success slowly and gradually because there is nowhere to hurry.
  7. Improve your artistic taste. Looking at the moves of the belly dancers (Turkey), at their costumes, shapes of their bodies and make up people cannot be indifferent to the belly dance performance (Turkey).
  8. Quit struggling with the fear of public performance. The only thing to learn how to dance is to start dancing. Make your skills better and fight your primary and the strongest fear of acting on public while dancing in our groups.
  9. Have fun. It is so wonderful to enjoy the dancing and to leave your worries behind. It is so great to observe yourself growing and becoming more and more competent and confident. Change your life with Daliya easily.

You may have all of the above mentioned aims or just some of them. It does not really matter what is your ultimate goal. Whats really important is to find a motivation for yourself and to keep going, keep developing and enjoying what you are doing. Now lets understand how to find a good belly dance instructor (Turkey).


Let’s check the basic features you need to look at when you are searching for an excellent belly dance instructor (Turkey):

  • First of all, she should be an experienced belly dancer (Turkey) who has won plenty of international awards.
  • Secondly, she has to be in the belly dance (Turkey) business for at many years. 
  • It is her obligation to be able to create a powerful and lovely belly dance performance (Turkey);
  • She should be talented and passionate about her occupation. Being a belly dance instructor (Turkey) is not just a profession. It is much more than profession indeed. It is a vocation that most of the people do not have. And it is very easy to understand whether your future teacher has it or not. Those who are good specialists at any area live to do their job.
  • How many students has she taught? Have her students achieve any significant goals? Are they also famous or just dance for themselves? Ask these important questions and make a decision considering this information.
  • What is the price of the classes you intent to attend? When we decide to do something we at first think about the spending and the outcome that we can get at the end. And if the outcome is much bigger than the spending then it is worth of it. It is very subjectively how to estimate these two factors, because different people have different values in their lives. Get all the necessary information and try to understand what is the most important for you and pay attention the most to that factor.
  • The way she treats the people. The individual approach is also a huge aspect of learning. The students are different. Their mentality differs, their body constitutions are not the same, their physical abilities and health conditions can vary a lot. And there also age, financial and many other components. The difference between the great belly dance instructor (Turkey) and the normal one is that the great belly dance instructor (Turkey) is paying an extra attention to the unique features of every student.
  • Friendly atmosphere. Naturally people want to get a good attitude to them. Searching for the belly dance instructor (Turkey), make sure that your future teacher is a kind and compassionate person. You will especially appreciate this kind behavior when you will get hard time working at you belly dance skills.
  • Be sure that the classes you want to visit provide its pupils with comfortable conditions.  Convenient dressing-rooms, showers and dining-rooms are a must for your body to work well enough.
  • Flexible hours. Perhaps you live in a big city. That means that you do not have time for most of the things you want to do. We got used to this situation and try to accomplish all the things we need in time. It might be difficult now and then but it is possible. Plan your day. Choose those classes only that will give you and opportunity not to change your basic schedule.

For those people who approached the problem of finding an amazing belly dance instructor (Turkey) seriously, Daliya is the perfect solution. It will take too much tame to name all her awards. That list consists of international and local prizes. Daliya became a winner of different international competitions for 7 times, she is a belly dance champion of Russia of 2009. She has a great experience in this area. In fact years of practice and years of teaching activity have made her one of the best belly dance instructors (Turkey). She creates on a regular basis many shows and performances in all the developed countries. Daliya has brought up hundreds of successful students; her profession is the ultimate goal of her life. The price/quality ratio will astonish you as well. The reason for that is that you will never find so interesting and fulfilling courses at such a reasonable price. Now you have an opportunity to get the most competent instructor at you service at your country. You can also rely on a special attitude to you as a student. Daliya is a kind and caring teacher who will consider all your unique personality traits and make your strong parts to work for you. The atmosphere of friendship and collaboration will make you feel like at home. Our classes will be held at a cozy place with all the required conditions. And of course you will have a chance to fit your classes with Daliya to your daily timetable.


Women always ask us if they could learn belly dance living in Turkey. Or maybe they should go abroad to master it? Our competent answer is: “Yes you can become a wonderful and breath-taking belly dancer (Turkey) and you do not have to go anywhere else.”

Belly dance performance (Turkey) is not about your nationality of city you live. It is all about your desire to grow and the possibility to have a good belly dance instructor (Turkey). Since now you have such a possibility to become a better dancer.

Turkey is a developed country with its own unique culture and traditions. Turkey has always been the cultural center of the Asia and even Europe for many centuries. Turkish women are very passionate and beautiful and we are sure that the belly dance performance (Turkey) is exactly what they will be able to do easily. Where else can you find a belly dancer (Turkey) who can do the belly dance performance (Turkey) as not in Turkey?

Please contact us or keep reading the articles at our site to receive some additional information about our classes. We will be happy to help you to become a magnificent belly dancer (Turkey).

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