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Exclusive interview of Irina DALIYA Shevchenko

Exclusive interview of Irina DALIYA Shevchenko

Exclusive interview of Irina Shevchenko especially for our followers.  About the festival, poems , family and dance.

We have recently talked to a beautiful woman, wonderful dancer Irina Shevchenko. She told us much interesting about her life and  experience , and gave some valuable advice.

-        Irina, How do you do ! The Festival “ Goddess of Orient has just finished. What are your impressions? Was it successful? It’s so hard work!

-        Well, I feel just incredible, as in spite of long preparation , sleepless nights and colossal work, everything we have done, we’ ve  done with love. I ‘ d even say – obsession. I am sure , that our success depends on our mood, thoughts. I try to improve the quality of my events every year, and I like to learn my mistakes, so now I am very satisfied with the festival, although there were some mistakes  but  less than before! The work is really hard, but I don’t know easy work.  Anyway the happiness and satisfaction are higher than  tiredness. New  ideas , projects have come up . There are plenty of them and it’s so hard to stop  to  have some rest, but I try to do it.

-        You ‘ve  intrigued!  Do you have any ideas about the next festival?

-        Of course, there are many ideas, the work  on  mistakes has been done and the staff of trainers is ready. But I can tell you only one name now.  She is wonderful   Darina  Konstantinova.

-        Ok! We are looking forward to that great event, and wish you success in that hard work! Irina,   let’s  speak about beginning: how did you come to dance? Was it Orient at once?

-        Thanks. I got  into dancing  about 12 years ago, but those were modern and ballroom dances.  And I ‘d have succeeded if there hadn’t been so much dependence on your partner. To be honest it’s the worst thing when you depend on some circumstances, being able to move mountains  and not  doing  that because of some people you depend on . So it was happiness for me to come to oriental class and get that here I could manage the situation on my own.  After ballroom dancing to get the basic  elements of oriental dance was rather simple and so I succeed. In half a year I already started teaching, and, by the way, my first two pupils are still my close friends. I started taking part in competitions,  attend  workshops, take individual lessons. And since my first days there I ‘ve understood that I’ve found my destiny.  Overcoming difficulties,  I  never  gave up working  and went on going ahead. So,  I  got evidence it was my way.

-        Irina ,  who do you think is your best teacher?  Who  used to inspire you best of all?

-        It’s a very difficult  question , as I don’t have any certain school experience. I started learning basic movements in one of the first oriental studios of our city “ Golden star”. In half a year I took individual  lessons from Elena Ramazanova( Moscow), then I attended Leonid Bron’s workshops.  But it was Oksana Chernyaeva from Voronezh who inspired me most of all. I got a lot of knowledge and inspiration from her in the very beginning of my dance career.  Also Aida Hassan gave me the greatest impression. It’s hard for me to call somebody special as I really love many artists but don’t have any idols . I can say that it’s interesting to work with every professional artist and there is always something to learn from him. Then I just travelled all over the world to study more and more. There are more than100 workshops taken by  me , a great number of individual classes and it’s not a limit. When I came to C airo  Mirage , I was impressed by Kate Ashta,  she is a great teacher, and I still take her lessons. Frankly speaking , I don’t know any teachers , who didn’t give me anything. There is some interesting material at any workshop. And the further I go and the higher I rise, I train more and more and always improve my  level .

-         Your example  shows  that one can reach everything even without having any certain trainer. Irina,  which  qualities are necessary to get  the top in belly dance, from your point of view?

-        Well, anyway, I don’t think that someone is able to get success alone. These are just tales when people tell that everything they’ve done,   they ‘ve done alone. There are always some close people by your  side , who support you, inspire you , understand you , love and hate. There are always some circumstances, situations, meetings which direct us, help us make conclusions. And  here  it’s very important to understand what we want in our life, what  we seek, what results we want to get. In my opinion, purposefulness, hard work, sociability, advertising , respect for people  are ways  to be successful . it’s  very important to develop your mind ., work hard, have many interests.  As for me ,  I am fond of reading, learning languages and learning other dance areas. I think,  it’s very important not to be afraid of difficulties. I know many people who  quit , having some troubles.  All people have problems  and  difficulties , but it’s true. Nothing is easy.

-        Do you learn any foreign languages?

-        I’ve been learning English for 5 years, Turkish , Spanish.  Also I want to study Chinese.

-        What about your interests besides dancing? What do you like doing?

-        My passion is tennis, I seldom play it ,  but if there is some  chance, I surely use it . Also  I am into  reading . I read “  Three comrades” by Remark, I write poems for my close people and I am planning to  take vocal lessons.  I do it just for pleasure.

-        There  is  such  saying “ A talented person is talented in everything”. Irina, when did you first have the idea of running your own school? And what is it like to be a director of the oriental dance studio?

-        First I worked for myself,  I  rented a studio a few hours a week. But mostly I worked on my own progress , I wanted to become a perfect dancer. And I had no enough time for my pupils, although there are still some pupils who have been with me all those  years , and now they help me to develop my studio. I ran my own dance centre last year, and now I develop  it . Also I began to work with children last summer. There is a new period in my life. I am  happy . I love teaching and I teach both  adults and children .  There is more responsibility now , but I enjoy it. If you only knew how much I love my pupils! I get easily attached to people.

-        What is harder? Working with adults or children? And what is the main difficulty?

-        I don’t have any   difficulties;)  I have enough patience and I love teaching, explaining and showing . It’s  very important to find a contact with everybody.  For children there is the other approach , other programme.  They are some kind of relaxation for me .  In my work I understood one thing, everything should be done with love and kindness. So I don’t work when I am in a bad mood or nervous.  You know, my mum told me that in my childhood I used to  surround  myself with  the naughtiest children and teach them manners.  And they obeyed me!

-        Irina. What advice can you give to beginners? What is the main thing for a teacher?

-        Knowledge, sensitiveness, technical skills?

-        Well, it depends on personality .  According to my own experience, I can say that knowledge is some experience anyway. When I started teaching eight years ago, I didn’t have so high level as I have now. But love and desire make wonders!  As you know, a teacher must be very patient and tactful, improve his level all the time and be sure in everything he does. In fact I can speak about it endlessly, teaching isn’t a simple thing, but I enjoy it a lot.

-        Irina, what do you like more - giving workshops or performing?

-        Well,  it  can’t be compared. I like dancing so much, I have dreamt of it since my childhood, and believe me ,  these are completely different emotions. I like to listen to  music , to feel it in my body and  there is nothing in the world to replace dancing for me. I like teaching  not less, and here I enjoy both process and result. As I’ve already said, I am fond of communicating with people, sharing my knowledge and experience, I like to watch interest in the eyes of my pupils. I like hard-working people, and when I can combine performing on the stage with workshops it’s just a delight for me.

-        What is the first thing you pay your attention to while judging?

-        For me it’s very important to see the character  of  the artist and the manner to perform.  And , first of all, I look at eyes as they can’t  lie and there I can see everything. You can see in a second if the dancer likes what she is doing, if she is afraid or feel confident.  When you are a spectator , you can see almost everything.  As  for me, I get impressed by charisma of the dancer, personality and emotionality of the dancer, and the combination of all those qualities make wonders! It’s very important for a dancer to have her individual  manner , to reveal her own soul in dance and not to try to cope anybody else. It’s number one for me. I always reveal myself in my  dance , I try to open my soul , to show my own real emotions and feelings, I try to work on it harder and teach it in the first place. Also I always single out those dancers who are very  creative in their outfits, image,  technics, choreography. When your image is perfect, it’s always interesting to look at , and it’s a real pleasure to judge  such work. It imposes a high responsibility.

-         Irina, many beginners are afraid of the stage and they ask a question” How to feel more at ease”, how to create charisma?” What do you think, can it be worked out or it’s given at birth?

-        Well, about myself I can say , that I have charisma,  plastique,  flexibility, but I couldn’t use them on the stage at once, anyway it’s kind of work on yourself, and quite serious work. There are many factors and situations in real life which prevent you from manifesting yourself, feeling free in public, but I think there are no things you can’t learn. You can! You should just learn yourself, know what you want, know  what is for you.  It’s very important to think much about your aim in your life. From my own I experience I know  ,that when you have the aim , you can reach it ! O f course there are some people , having charisma since birth , and it’s easier to improve themselves, but I also know the people who got great results in their life owing to their work and persistence.

-        Tell us please about your private life. Do you have someone special? Are you going to become mother? Is it possible for you to combine successful dance career and happy family life?

-        I am a very happy  person;) it’s true. Because for me the greatest happiness is to be with my parents, brother, sister, beloved husband and my son. I have a big family and they are the most important thing in my life. My son is already 13 years old and I am dreaming of having a daughter. My parents always supported and helped me,  then I met a man, who gave me  real love and friendship.  I don’t know if it’s possible to do well without support of your close people. They believe in  me , and there were some situations in my life when it seemed that everything collapsed. In these moments my family was my hope and support. I love them and appreciate them a lot.  I try to plan my time both for my family, friends and work.  You  can combine everything when there are people who support you.

-         Irina , tell us what your nickname “Daliya” means.

-        Only don’t laugh! In the beginning of my career when I worked at restaurants, I had to look for the nickname. And I didn’t think much. Coming across the name “ Daliya” which meant “ Grape wine”, I thought: “ it’s exactly about me ! I turn heads with my dance!’ So I am Daliya

-        Irina, what are your wishes for your followers?

-        I  wish them love, and more positive emotions in their life. I wish smiles, kindness and enjoyment . Search yourselves, create and reach your goals!

-        Thanks a lot for so interesting interview! It was a real pleasure to talk to you.


-        Thanks to you too. It was nice for me too.

While music playing - dance!