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Health and belly dancing

Health and belly dancing

Bellydancing is both a relaxing and enlivening dance that can help tone the body and improve body confidence. Its physiological benefits include improved fitness, better circulation, suppleness and correction of postural alignment. On a body confidence level, many women feel they have regained their ’feminine self’ and become more comfortable with their bodies through bellydancing. 

The basis of the core moves is always the centre - just below the navel - or in esoteric arts the place known as the hara, second chakra or simply ’the cente’. Yoga and Pilates are two popular exercises that like bellydancing, focus their energies on the ’centre’ and the breath. 

Physical fitness can greatly improve with regular sessions of bellydancing. It helps firm and tone the muscles in a gentle way, especially the abdominals, arms, upper back, hips and thighs. A more vigorous bellydance ’workout’ lasting for at least thirty minutes, practiced 3-4 times a week, will certainly improve muscle tone and overall fitness, as bellydancing can be a fun and energetic form of aerobic dance. 

Working out to fast paced, repetitious music with spicy tabla rhythms will make the exercise more enjoyable. A series of constant stepping moves, lifting and alternating arm poses and shimmies is the basis for a safe, low impact workout. As with all aerobics safety precautions, it is advisable to begin with a warm up consisting of gentle movements, in this case shoulder rolls, arm lifts, basic step/points and circular moves. Then gradually increase speed and repetition of moves, and after the workout remember to stretch and cool down. 

Here are some physiological benefits of bellydancing:

*Improved circulation *Improved suppleness *Increased joint flexibility *Deeper breathing, better oxygenation of blood *Relaxing and calming, reduces stress *Possible aerobic exercise workout - burns fat, raises metabolism and improves resting heart rate *Tones all major muscle groups - legs, thighs, calves, gluteals, abdominals, upper arms, back *Reduces cellulite *Eases PMT symptoms *Prepares major muscle groups for pregnant women to assist the birthing processа текста….

While music playing - dance!