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To become a Belly dancer (Spain) one needs to work hard and to be totally in the moment in the process of dancing. Belly dance (Spain) is a very popular activity worldwide. The reason for that is simple: it is one of the most feminine and plastic dances of all existing.  The belly dance performance (Spain) will hold your breath for the entire activity no matter if you are a man or a woman.


We want you to introduce to one of the best and highly-qualified belly dancers (Spain) of the world Daliya. Daliya is a professional dancer with many years of dancing and teaching experience. A great deal of successful students has graduated from the school of this amazing belly dancer (Spain). Those who watched her live performance or at least did it online became her eternal and devoted fans.


The belly dancers (Spain) are well-known and respected artists because they do the belly dance performance (Spain) and attract hundreds and hundreds of spectators who came to watch at the stage with an unhidden interest.

Maybe you want to do the belly dance (Spain) for your delight only or you feel the urge to become a professional belly dance instructor (Spain). It all depends on what you wishes and purpose are.

  1. Women usually join the courses of belly dance (Spain) to create fabulous bodies or to maintain the level they already have. One of the things you need to look at if you want to choose a good belly dance instructor (Spain) is this. Look at your potential belly dance instructor and come to a conclusion that if she is beautiful enough for you then you should choose her as your private teacher. If a person has managed to model a spectacular body for herself that means she would probably be able to help you to do the same. Looking at Daliya can you doubt that she has a superb body?
  2. Women also desire to be successful in the art of seducing of men or perhaps just one special man if they have such one. At that rate belly dance performance (Spain) is the ideal method to fulfill you natural desire to be successful with men. Find out how you can make them feel incredibly passionate to you using our classes.
  3. The other reason is that they want to control their bodies and to study the science of how to be more relaxed and go-go which can be taught by a professional belly dance instructor (Spain) only. Daliya is a dancer who can do it very well.
  4. Belly dancers (Spain) have a good health too. They do not use repetitious and boring exercises the women often do in the gyms worldwide. Since now you have an opportunity to improve your health with pleasure; finally you can bring the excitement in your life. It is impossible that you can pass by this offer we propose to you.
  5. Those people who visit belly dance courses often make new friends. One can also go the classes with her old friends and have a great time together.
  6. Creating the habit of being consistent. The discipline is one more weak side of most of the people. They cannot do one thing for quite a long period of time and give up. And then begin one more activity which does not last long enough and give up again. With Daliya you will eager to develop your persistence regularly.
  7. Develop your artistic taste spending some of your time into the belly dance performance (Spain).
  8. Make your biggest fear of public performance to vanish. This is the biggest fear of any human being in the world. Our participants try to make it disappear at all or at least make it weaker till the level when they enjoy that trembling and pleasant anticipation of coming upon the stage and dance.
  9. It is a lot of fun to dance and especially to dance in our groups. Enjoy your dancing and communicating to people; enjoy being in the moment and progressing. You cannot miss this wonderful possibility. Come to our classes and have a quality time.

It does not matter what is your aim because you will need a belly dance instructor (Spain) in any case. 


Let us name the measures you need to take into consideration while choosing a good belly dance instructor (Spain):

  • She has to be a competent belly dancer (Spain) who won plenty of international prizes.
  • She has to be in the belly dance (Spain) activity for at least five years and have many successful students.
  • She has to be able to manage an inspiring and breath-taking belly dance performance (Spain);
  • She must have that ability to make people passionate and she should have enough talent one can recognize while watching her dancing. Being a belly dance instructor (Spain) is much more than occupation. It is a calling the vast minority of people does not have.
  • While choosing the tutor one must take into consideration the quantity of that teacher’s students and especially the quality of their skills. It is a very important thing when you are trying to master the new habit. 
  • How much you invest vs. to how much you get in return. Our prices will surprise you and the results you will receive will make you advise the classes to all of your friends and acquaintances.
  • Everybody needs to have a special attitude to their unique individual traits of a personality. People differ a lot. They have absolutely unlike mentality, health conditions, body constitution, physical abilities, age and many other things we need to take care of. The difference between the great belly dance instructor (Spain) and the regular one is in paying respect to these unique features of a personality.
  • We all want to be loved and treated with respect. Friendly atmosphere is of a great importance because that will help you to progress fast. When somebody knows that somewhere in the world people treat her right she will certainly attend every class.
  • Being comfortable is another thing you need to pay attention to when you decide to join any activity. The convenient dressing-rooms, right climate, showers and snack-bars are the things which do not seem important at the very beginning and are not noticeable when they exist but very noticeable when they do not.
  • Flexible hours. In our busy society we need to plan our day perfectly to be in time everywhere we want. Choose only those classes which will allow you to fit them into your daily schedule.

Daliya is the right person to fit to all these criteria. It is very hard to name all her awards because it will take hours and so many pages that you will have to listen to it for quite a long period of time. That list consists of a great deal of international and local prizes. Daliya is a 7-time winner of international competitions; she became a belly dance champion of Russia in 2009. She has been working for years in this industry and has raised plenty of amazing belly dancers and belly dance instructors. If you watch at least one minute of her performance or performance of her students all the questions about why you should choose her classes will disappear at once. The reasonable price and the immense outcome makes Daliya’s course one of the best belly dance classes in the world. Being a belly dance star does not influence in a negative way at our belly dance instructor (Spain) at all. Daliya will treat you with all respect and find those inspiration words which will open your talent and help your potential to break out. Our lessons are held in a convenient and roomy place, you will have all the necessary components to grow. The atmosphere of friendship and mutual help will make you feel like at home.


Women often ask us whether it is possible for them to learn belly dance living in Spain or should they go abroad to master it?” Sure that the answer is: “Yes you can become a fascinating belly dancer (Spain) and you don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Belly dance performance (Spain) does not depend on your nationality and it is not the prerogative of women who represent the Eastern culture. You can find a wonderful teacher at any country in the world.

Spain is one of the most developed countries in the world. She has a productive economics and deeply-rooted cultural traditions. Spain has always been one of the most important centers of the Europe, especially at the Middle Age time. We all know that originally belly dance (Spain) is not a European art. But Spanish women are so passionate and beautiful that it looks like belly dance performance (Spain) is exactly what they were born for. Do not hesitate anymore about where you can find a belly dancer (Spain) who can do the belly dance performance (Spain). Choose Dalia’s classes and you will never be disappointed.

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