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Belly dancer (France) is a profession which requires a lot of hard work and genuine passion. Belly dance (France) is extremely popular all over the world because it is one of the most feminine dances of all existing.  The belly dance performance (France) will hold your attention for the entire action.


We want you to introduce to one of the best and highly-qualified belly dancers (France) of the world Daliya. Daliya is a professional dancer with years of dancing and tutoring experience. A lot of amazing students have graduated from the school of this well-known belly dancer (France). People who watched at least one minute of her live performance or at least did it online became her most devoted fans for the rest of their lives.


The belly dancers (France) are respected artists who do the belly dance performance (France). It is a regular thing to see hundreds or even thousands of viewers looking at the stage where the belly dancers (France) show their skills and transfer their energy.

You’ve got to decide right now whether you want to do belly dance (France) and become an amateur belly dancer (France) or you have a desire to become a professional belly dance instructor (France)? It all depends on what you ambitions and purpose are:

  1. Women usually pay a lot of attention to their looks because no matter what people say, looks is very important. Going in for belly dance (France) is one of the easiest ways to take a step to a renewed body. That is why take notice at the looks of your belly dance instructor (France). If she is a beautiful woman you have all the opportunities to become as beautiful as she is. Of course we won’t deceive you telling that it will happen overnight without doing anything. It never happens like that. But if you’ll work hard and change your lifestyle drastically it will happen eventually.
  2. The desire to allure men or maybe that one special man you are dreaming about day and night is one more reason women join belly dance (France). If you want to be successful with men and make them want you then belly dance performance (France) is the ideal method to fulfill your goals.
  3. Can you control your body movements? Do you know how to be more relaxed and energetic? Well, a professional belly dance instructor (France) Daliya knows that and is eager to teach you.
  4. Belly dancers (France) usually have a good health. Their health is much better than the health of other women who are not into belly dance (France). The reason for that is that in belly dance performance (France) you use all the muscles necessary, you also stimulate your gastrointestinal tract immensely. Since now you do not need to do uninteresting and boring exercises the women often do in the gyms all over the world. Now you can become a healthy person with pleasure; finally you can get excitement in your life which most of women never do.
  5. Make new friends who share your hobby of belly dance (France) courses. These people might become your best helpers in life. You can also join the classes with your old and proved friends and to have one more activity and to spend even more time together.
  6. Become the disciplined person. Dancing with Daliya requires a lot of hard work so most of the people will not be able to do that and will give up at the first class. If you belong to those who are not scared of working hard then our course is just for you. Develop your persistence regularly with the help of our famous teacher Daliya.
  7. If you have ever seen the dresses the belly dancers (France) wear then you know how outstanding and feminine it looks like. Attending our lessons people can easily develop their artistic taste investing not very big amount of their time into the belly dance performance (France).
  8. The psychologists’ researches inform us that the biggest fear for every human in the world is the fear of public performing. It includes public speaking, singing, acting and dancing as well. Our members learn how to cope with this fear and become more sociable and fearless people.
  9. And don’t forget that belly dance (France) is a lot of fun. It is so pleasant to find enjoyment in every moment of your life and to be here and now, let your problems go for at least a couple of hours.  It is in your power not to miss this excellent opportunity and to be immersed into the atmosphere of sexiness and spirituality.

It does not matter what is your aim because you will need a belly dance instructor (France) anyway.


Let us name the criteria you need to take into consideration while choosing a good belly dance instructor (France):

  • She has to be a competent belly dancer (France) who won many international prizes.
  • She has to be in the belly dance (France) business for at least five years and have plenty of successful students.
  • She has to be able to arrange an outstanding, breath-taking belly dance performance (France);
  • She must have that indescribable spirit and talent one can recognize when watches her dancing because being a belly dance instructor (France) is much more than occupation. It is a vocation the vast minority of people has.
  • The quantity and the quality of the students is a crucial factor when you are trying to choose the teacher.
  • The price/quality ration is also one of the biggest things one needs to think about. We all want to get the best results spending the least possible amount of money and time.
  • Individual approach to every student. People differ a lot at their mentality, body constitution, physical abilities, health conditions, age and many other components. The difference between the genius belly dance instructor (France) and the regular one is in paying respect to these unique features of a personality.
  • Friendly atmosphere is a huge issue which will allow you to progress quickly and easily. When you know that somewhere in the world people treat you with respect and love you will certainly never miss even a single class.
  • Comfortable conditions such as the right climate, convenient dressing-rooms, showers and snack-bars are very important for your body to function well.
  • Flexible hours. In our busy society we need to plan our day perfectly to be in time everywhere we want. Choose only those classes which will allow you to fit them into your daily schedule.

Daliya is the right person to fit to all these criteria. It is very hard to name all her awards because it will take hours and so many pages that you will have to listen to it for quite a long period of time. That list consists of a great deal of international and local prizes. Daliya is a 7-time winner of international competitions; she became a belly dance champion of Russia in 2009. She has been working for years in this industry and has raised plenty of amazing belly dancers and belly dance instructors. If you watch at least one minute of her performance or performance of her students all the questions about why you should choose her classes will disappear at once. The reasonable price and the immense outcome makes Daliya’s course one of the best belly dance classes in the world. Being a belly dance star does not influence in a negative way at our belly dance instructor (France) at all. She will treat you with all respect and find those inspiration words which will open your talent and help your potential to break out. Our lessons take place in a cozy and spacious place, you will be provided with all the necessary conveniences to grow. The atmosphere of mutual sympathy and help will make you feel valuable and appreciated.


Women often ask us: “Can I learn belly dance living in France or should I go abroad to master it?” Our confident answer is: “Yes you can become a fascinating belly dancer (France) and there is no need to go anywhere else.”

Belly dance performance (France) does not depend on your nationality and you can find a wonderful teacher at any country in the world.

      France is one of the most developed countries in the world. The economics of France is highly productive. France has always been the cultural center of the Europe, especially at the ancient time. We all know that originally belly dance (France) is not a European art. But French women are so feminine and beautiful that it looks like belly dance performance (France) is exactly what they were born for. Where else can you find a belly dancer (France) who can do the belly dance performance (France) as not in France?

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