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How can an average person become a magnificent Belly dancer (Barcelona)? We hear this frequently asked question many times a day. Belly dance (Barcelona) is very popular nowadays at any part around the world because this dance conveys so much female energy to the audience that everyone can feel it. And this is the key reason why women want to master it.  The belly dance performance (Barcelona) is the activity which is able to make you forget about all your problems and little nothings of life.


We want you to introduce to one of the best and highly-qualified belly dancers (Barcelona) of the world Daliya. Daliya is a professional dancer with many years of dancing and teaching experience. A great deal of successful students has graduated from the school of this amazing belly dancer (Barcelona). Those who watched her live performance or at least did it online became her eternal and devoted fans.


The belly dancers (Barcelona) are highly respected artists; they do the belly dance performance (Barcelona) and gather hundreds or even thousands of visitors who want to watch at their movements on the stage.

You can decide right now whether to do belly dance (Barcelona) for your pleasure only or to become a professional belly dance instructor (Barcelona)? It all depends on what you ambitions and purpose are. So what are the basic reasons why women spend their time and money on belly dance (Barcelona)?

  1. Some women would like to join the belly dance (Barcelona) to improve their looks. If your main goal is the same then please notice from the very beginning what kind of body shape your potential belly dance instructor (Barcelona) has. The reason for that is simple. If your belly dance instructor (Barcelona) looks gorgeous and fascinating then you have an ability to get the awesome body as well. Ask yourself: “Is it possible for me to learn how to be pretty from that woman who is totally out of shape?” Do not trick yourself that she will be able to teach you anything. Take a look at Daliya and you will quit doubting at her ability to teach you how to build an incredibly sexy and seductive body. It is pretty hard to discover such a beautiful woman even among the belly dance instructors (Barcelona).
  2. The other women want to join the belly dance (Barcelona) because they wish to achieve one more important goal. What is the biggest female desire ever? The answer to this question is so simple. Women desire to be desired. It is a primary and basic female aim. Make men gaze at you with admiration; make them feel weak and powerless when they watch you dancing and seducing at the same time. The belly dance performance (Barcelona) is the best way to fulfill this natural desire. Now you get popularity among men; now you can easily make them feel insanely attracted to you.
  3. Master your body. In the first paragraph of this list we were talking about creating a beautiful body that attracts men and make other women jealous at you. One more thing which is as important as how your body looks is your body language. Body language is the individual characteristic of how you stand and move. It is even more important then the body itself. Men judge women at their behavior mostly. If your walk and gestures are graceful and elegant; if you think good about yourself then people will feel it and will treat you the same. The good new is that it all can be taught.  Appeal our belly dance instructor (Barcelona) Daliya and find out how to get all this features.
  4. Strong health. Belly dancers (Barcelona) have a much better health than the representatives of any other kind of dancing or sport. It is because belly dance (Barcelona) is more than just dance. It is the lifestyle, peaceful and concentrated. Our students do not need to go to the gyms anymore. The exercises they make there are dull and uninteresting. Women are fragile and delicate creatures. They should not do hard workouts; they should burn the calories in a playful and easy way. A woman who loves herself and takes care of herself will never lose such an opportunity to become fit and healthy. Build a gorgeous body, make yourself healthier, and finally let the excitement enter your life.
  5. Figure out how to become more social and friendly. Some people are very communicative. If you do not belong to this group then the belly dance (Barcelona) is your option to make new friends and to become an outgoing person. You can also bring your old and trustful friends to the classes. It is hard to find some extra time in this busy society so you can combine the pleasant things as chatting to your good friends with the useful things such as becoming a prettier and healthier woman.
  6. Here is one more reason to join Daliya’s classes. Get the opportunity to become a disciplined human being. Most of the people are lazy. They do not want to do anything and that is why they do not get anything. To get the result you should spend your precious time, money, and efforts. At first the clear understanding of what your goal is helps the most. If you do not know what you want then you will get something you don’t want. Find your passion, issue it as a big goal and then divide it into small pieces. After that make a decision to execute one small piece at the time. People too often set the huge goals which then smash them. Develop your insistence gradually. Every once in a while do at least one small thing and do it regularly. This is the way to succeed. Delegate to Daliya your success and she will lead you there.
  7. Create an artistic taste. Just one swift look at the moves of the belly dancers (Barcelona) is enough to fall in love at this art forever. The costumes, the shapes of their bodies, their make up make people eager to attend every belly dance performance (Barcelona).
  8. Cure your hardest fear - the fear of public performance. If one want to learn how to dance one should start dancing. Get the opportunity to refine your skills; dance better and better every single day and stop to be afraid of doing anything public.
  9. And finally: have a lot of fun. For many people dancing is life. Forget about your troubles at least for some time and to feel joy while dancing in our groups. It is amazing to be the witness of your growth; it is pleasant to become more and more experienced and confident. Change your life with Daliya easily.


Let’s check the basic features you need to look at when you are searching for an excellent belly dance instructor (Barcelona):

  • First of all, she should be an experienced belly dancer (Barcelona) who has won plenty of international awards.
  • Secondly, she has to be in the belly dance (Barcelona) business for at many years. 
  • It is her obligation to be able to create a powerful and lovely belly dance performance (Barcelona);
  • She should be talented and passionate about her occupation. Being a belly dance instructor (Barcelona) is not just a profession. It is much more than profession indeed. It is a vocation that most of the people do not have. And it is very easy to understand whether your future teacher has it or not. Those who are good specialists at any area live to do their job.
  • How many students has she taught? Have her students achieve any significant goals? Are they also famous or just dance for themselves? Ask these important questions and make a decision considering this information.
  • What is the price of the classes you intent to attend? When we decide to do something we at first think about the spending and the outcome that we can get at the end. And if the outcome is much bigger than the spending then it is worth of it. It is very subjectively how to estimate these two factors, because different people have different values in their lives. Get all the necessary information and try to understand what is the most important for you and pay attention the most to that factor.
  • The way she treats the people. The individual approach is also a huge aspect of learning. The students are different. Their mentality differs, their body constitutions are not the same, their physical abilities and health conditions can vary a lot. And there also age, financial and many other components. The difference between the great belly dance instructor (Barcelona) and the normal one is that the great belly dance instructor (Barcelona) is paying an extra attention to the unique features of every student.
  • Friendly atmosphere. Naturally people want to get a good attitude to them. Searching for the belly dance instructor (Barcelona), make sure that your future teacher is a kind and compassionate person. You will especially appreciate this kind behavior when you will get hard time working at you belly dance skills.
  • Be sure that the classes you want to visit provide its pupils with comfortable conditions.  Convenient dressing-rooms, showers and dining-rooms are a must for your body to work well enough.
  • Flexible hours. Perhaps you live in a big city. That means that you do not have time for most of the things you want to do. We got used to this situation and try to accomplish all the things we need in time. It might be difficult now and then but it is possible. Plan your day. Choose those classes only that will give you and opportunity not to change your basic schedule.

Daliya perfectly matches all these criteria. To name all her awards will take hours and tens of pages. That list consists of a lot of international and local prizes. Daliya is a 7-time winner of international competitions, belly dance champion of Russia in 2009. She has been working for years in this industry and has raised plenty of amazing belly dancers and belly dance instructors. If you watch at least one minute of her performance or performance of her students all the questions about why you should choose her classes will disappear at once. The reasonable price and the immense outcome makes Daliya’s course one of the best belly dance classes in the world. Being a belly dance star does not influence in a negative way at our belly dance instructor (Italy) at all. She will treat you with all respect and find those inspiration words which will open your talent and help your potential to break out. Our lessons take place in a cozy and spacious place, you will be provided with all the necessary conveniences to grow. The atmosphere of mutual sympathy and help will make you feel valuable and appreciated.


Women often ask us: “Can I learn belly dance living in Barcelona or should I go abroad to master it?” Our confident answer is: “Yes you can become a fascinating belly dancer (Barcelona) and there is no need to go anywhere else.”

Belly dance performance (Barcelona) does not depend on your nationality and you can find a wonderful teacher at any country in the world.

Barcelona is one of the most developed countries in the world. And not only is the economics highly productive. Barcelona has always been the cultural center of the Europe, especially at the ancient time. We all know that originally belly dance (Barcelona) is not a European art. But Spanish women are so feminine and beautiful that it looks like belly dance performance (Barcelona) is exactly what they were born for. Where else can you find a belly dancer (Barcelona) who can do the belly dance performance (Barcelona) as not in Barcelona?

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