Наш фестиваль "Богиня Востока"

Oriental Dance Studio «Daliya» conducts group and individual sessions focused on continuing or novice dancers. Harmonious decor dance studio, radiant smiles and encouragement of teachers, comfortable auditorium, a flexible schedule a visit to the studio was converted Daliya in a favorite hobby, a place for socializing and finding new friends.


The undeniable advantage of belly dance studio is its bright faculty. Head of the studio - Irina Shevchenko - playing a role model, increasing the motivation of students for their achievements, their stunning performances at various competitions, their victories at competitions in belly dance. Irina Shevchenko - a professional dancer, choreographer with years of experience, a master of his craft. Lessons Irina Shevchenko - it’s more than just learning to dance, is the transfer of valuable experience, is the revelation of the soul, is the art of sculpture.


Students studio "Dahlia" take part in competitions and festivals, win prizes at the most prestigious championships, performing at corporate parties and weddings.


training Programs: Lessons for Beginners: development of basic movements, basic chords, familiarity with the rhythms and styles of belly dance, working out dance technique. Classes for advanced: a study of complex ligaments, a mixture of styles in dance (classical, folk, show, modern dance belly), the complexity of vehicles. Individual lessons: setting personal dance, preparing for presentations, training at the desired pace.

While music playing - dance!